Academic Workshop

September 25, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Come on out to the first HKGSA Academic Workshop of the year! 
Content: CCV, internal scholarships (travel/research conference grants), OGS evaluation grid, tri-council evaluation grid, and mechanics of writing a successful scholarship application.
Question period: Grad students will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Carlsen and Dr. Dumas various questions related to scholarship/grant writing. Both professors have extensive experience related to evaluating grant proposals. If any grad student has questions or needs assistance with respect to anything to do with completing a scholarship application form (e.g., knowing which tri-council agency to submit to), question period will be a great opportunity to do so.
Who will be speaking at the workshop: Dr. Dumas and Dr. Carlsen.
Where/when will the workshop be held: CRXC407 from 6:30PM-8:30PM.