The Executive Team

Darrin Wijeyaratnam
Darrin is a second-year MSc student under the supervision of Dr. Erin Cressman. His research is focused on comparing the contributions of movement control processes of reaches performed in a newly learned visuomotor task. His council responsibilities include representation to the uOttawa community, overseeing general functions of the council and acting as the chairperson for all council meetings. Darrin is always happy, smiling and laughing. He has got a loud and infectious laugh; it’s hard not to hear him.
Kathryn Denize
Vice-President of Council Activities
Kathryn is a second-year MSc student under the supervision of Dr. Kristi Adamo, where her research is focused on physical activity during pregnancy. More specifically, she seeks to understand the metabolic and cardiovascular adaptations that occur over the course of pregnancy and compare these changes between mothers who are habitual exercisers to those who are not. Her responsibilities as part of the HKGSA executive committee include overseeing the activities of the executive and general councils, bringing attention to, and voicing concerns of the student body to the HKGSA executive committee, promoting events, and representing HKGSA at at the School of Human Kinetics’ graduate council meetings. When she’s not in the lab, Kathryn is often exploring nature, laughing with friends, or hanging out with her cat Cali.
Graydon Paitich
Vice-President of Finance
Graydon is a second year MSc student working under the supervision of Dr. Yves Lajoie. His research is focused on determining the effects of different foci of attention have on the postural control abilities of youth. Graydon’s responsibilities include the proper management of the association’s funds, seeking internal and external funding strategies, and preparing a yearly budget for the association. In his spare time, Graydon loves to spend time outside – running, hiking, paddling, or just hanging out.
Tianna Beharriell
Vice-President of Academics
Tianna is second year MSc student under the supervision of Dr. Ryan Graham in the area of spinal biomechanics.  Her research takes an interdisciplinary approach to biomechanics, focusing on quantifying the effects of inflammation and its potential to modify injury risk during acute work tasks.  Her council responsibilities involve organizing academic events such as workshops and the annual graduate student research conference.  Outside of the lab, you can find Tianna on any number of running trails, in a cafe with a strong espresso, or catching up with friends over some good food and wine.
Jonathan Rankin
Vice-President of Social
Jon aka “PJ” is a second year MSc student in the physiology stream of Human Kinetics. His research focuses on the effects of exercise on pregnancy outcomes, under the supervision of Dr. Kristi Adamo. Jon’s responsibilities include acting as the head of the “Committee to Plan Parties”, not to be confused with the “Party Planning Committee”. Jon arranges all aspects of social functions endorsed by the General Council, including the marketing and promotion strategies for all social events. Jon enjoys playing music, being beaten at chess, and checking up on Heather’s cat on Instagram. Ask him about his placentas!
Heather Thompson
Vice-President of Social
Heather is a second year MA student in the Social Sciences stream of Human Kinetics. Her research focuses on Indigenous food security under the supervision of Dr. Michael Robidoux. Heather’s responsibilities include acting as head of the “Party Planning Committee”, not to be confused with the “Committee to Plan Parties”. Heather leads in the planning and promotion of events such as the orientation day(s), the winter semi-formal, and the year-end social. After hours, Heather can be found playing soccer, fishing for compliments, and Instagramming her cat.
Ashley Thompson
Vice-President of Communications
Ashley is a second year MA student working under the supervision of Dr. Milena Parent. Her research focuses on organizational change in National-level sport organizations. Ashley’s responsibilities include recording and sending out meeting minutes, preparing and sending mass emails to all students, and managing the HKGSA’s website and social media accounts. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys being outdoors and playing golf.