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HKGSA Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Join our Graduate Student Gift Exchange! Only $10-$20 to participate. Get a gift and give a gift! Register by filling out this form!  Hurry registration ends Nov. 15th!

HKGSA Winter Formal

Less than a month away! Buy your tickets now by emailing us: or dropping by one our exec offices (see below)

*We will also be coming to your classes next week (Nov. 13th – 17th) to sell tickets*

Darrin: MNT 404; Heather: MNT 406B; Ashley: MNT 419A
Tianna: Lees 050; Kat and Jon: Lees 054
Graydon: Lees E053

Academic Workshop

Theme: Money Matters
Maximize the financial opportunities available to you! 

Panel including students who’ve successfully obtained funding from SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, OGS, Mitacs, conference funds, and more!
Wednesday Nov. 15th
Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm
Where: TBD

Additional: Altitude Workshop – Build your career toolkit!
Hosted by the Career Development Centre! See link for more information:



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